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Why you should be wasting time

Acha Laga? Share Karo!
Why you should be wasting time
By Jay Kapoor • Issue #34 • View online

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⛓Top Tools of the Week🛠
  1. FREEZE: Wanna pause the Netflix without soiling the keyboard with your greasy pizza finger? Control your Netflix with your fingers!
  2. FlowCV: Set yourself apart with a modern resume. Expert tips, customizable templates & quick PDF download included.
  3. Job Title List is a database of 4000+ job titles with data points that help to understand what jobs are trending right now. Filter by search volume, growth, cost-per-click (for related Google ads), and country.
  4. Redditle: Some of us do it to search Reddit. Some of us do it to get better Google results. Either way, if you often append “Reddit” to your Google searches, here’s Redditle!
  5. Mailtranscripts: Mail Transcripts is a startup company that has created a systematic process for procuring transcripts. I and Sharan made a reel on it, check it here.
⚙️Productivity Tip🚀
Here’s a story to tell you why you should be wasting time!
Yes, you heard it right.
Picasso once drew a dove on a handkerchief for a lady and asked for a million Francs. When the shocked lady inquired, “How can you ask for so much? It took you five minutes to draw this!” Picasso rightfully replied - “No, It took me 40 years to draw this in five minutes.”
What we can learn from this is that time spent on seemingly useless things such as scribbling or aimlessly writing stuff can actually compound over time increasing its value beyond measure.
Use this as a rule of thumb,
In creative pursuits your productivity is not measured by your efficiency(outcome/time), it is determined by your output and how much you produce; even if it’s useless.
Tweet this.
We discussed this in one of our earlier newsletters using Ed Sheeran’s way, read it here.
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Acha Laga? Share Karo!
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