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What is the value of your time?

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What is the value of your time?
By Jay Kapoor • Issue #35 • View online

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⛓Top Tools of the Week🛠
1. Learn anything: An Open Source Website built by the community to learn anything with Interactive Maps🗺
2. Cron: A next-gen, free, highly customizable calender for professionals and teams📆
3. Tobby: A master manager for your 100s of chrome tabs🛠
4. Good work hacks: A curated list of 100 proven productivity hacks and more🧑🏾‍💻
5. Tango: A screenshot based, instant documentation tool, also used for training purposes🖥
⚙️Finance Tip🚀
What is the value of your time?
Have you ever asked yourself this question? Because you might be surprised to know how much it matters in your financial journey that you know the value of your time.
How? Here’s an example. Let’s say the value of your time per hour is Rs. 5000. Now, you know that when your mind is working at full capacity, you can work X hours per day and earn 5000X as your daily income.
But, what if you live alone in another city? You might need to get up early and make food, clean utensils, and the house. Let’s just say this takes two hours per day, does not sound like much right?
Well, it’s not A LOT, but there is a case where you might be at a disadvantage because of this.
If cleaning your house and cooking your food takes two hours during your day, don’t you think it’s better if you delegate it?
Because 2 hours of your time when your mind is at full capacity is kind of depriving you of 5000 x 2 = 10,000 rupees every day! You might need to look for a helper and they will probably do it for less than that. This saves your time and you will be able to work on things that matter and help you make more money
Value your time at an hourly rate and ruthlessly spend to save time at that rate. You will never be worth more than you think you're worth.
HOW To Make 100 CRORES in Your 20s?🔥 | ft. @Varun Mayya  | Ishan Sharma
HOW To Make 100 CRORES in Your 20s?🔥 | ft. @Varun Mayya | Ishan Sharma
Khuda - Single by Katoptris, mohit | Spotify
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Acha Laga? Share Karo!
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