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This Journalist will BLOW your mind

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This Journalist will BLOW your mind
By Jay Kapoor • Issue #30 • View online
You’ve been underestimating Snapchat all along…

Welcome to the second part of my Dubai adventure! Let’s talk about the second creator that I enjoyed interacting with.
Yusuf Omar(@yusufomarsa)
Yusuf Omar is a multi-award-winning journalist and the co-founder of Hashtag Our Stories. He is also a TEDx speaker and a former CNN Senior Social Media Reporter on Snapchat. He was previously the Mobile Editor at the Hindustan Times in India, where he trained 750 journalists to use their phones to tell stories. Since 2010, he has covered the Syrian civil war as a foreign correspondent using only his phone.
Yusuf said that he’s only betting on one social media platform that is Snapchat. Sounds weird right? None of our Indian influencers would be found saying that. He says this because the RPM of Snapchat is the highest; which essentially means you can earn the highest amount with ads on Snapchat. Unfortunately, their monetisation programme is not yet active in India; but use this as a sign, it’s probably coming soon.
He also told us some stories from his life as a journalist that were fascinating at the least. He told us how he got(tw) rape victims to open up and talk about what happened with them using a Snapchat filter and making them comfortable. That is nothing less than amazing, this shows us how much power AR and VR have and what they can do if used in the right places.
These were some things that made me think about things differently. The thing is, we don’t realise what the world is doing; even after the advent of social media and Instagram, there are still things we do not see. NasSummit brought all these interesting people and concepts I had never heard of and showed them to me.
More than networking, it was a lot of fresh perspectives for me.
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