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THIS happened in Dubai!🤩

Acha Laga? Share Karo!
THIS happened in Dubai!🤩
By Jay Kapoor • Issue #29 • View online
Today, let me take you through my experience of the NasSummit 2022!

Recently, I went to Dubai for the Nas Summit(telling this as if I haven’t spammed my stories already). I can tell you the experience was surreal, Dubai is such a fantastic city ladidadida, but guess what? Everyone is doing that and I don’t want you to skip my newsletter as you skip all the Dubai stories posted by us.
So, I am gonna share with you two creators that I enjoyed watching and listening to the most!
  1. Erika Kullberg(@erikankullberg)
Erika Kullberg is a lawyer who specialises in personal finance. She left her job as a corporate M&A lawyer for Fortune 500 CEOs to pursue her dream of making legal services more accessible to small business owners and entrepreneurs.
She has over 3 million followers on Instagram right now. In the summit, she broke down her whole process and how she manages to give maximum value in the most engaging and quickest way possible.
She spoke about her scripting style and CTAs.
What we could learn from this would be the importance of the beginning and the end of your videos. Erika does content that includes reading the fine prints(basically terms and conditions) of companies and giving you useful and interesting information out of those. Now, I can totally imagine this being downright boring if I make my script like, “In the second section of page 47 of Apple’s fine print etc. etc.” I can’t expect you to watch it because there is no ‘hook’. A hook(quite literally) is used to catch your attention and keep it so that you would watch the full reel and not skip it. So, now we know that Erika does hooks so well, it’s almost obvious people would watch her. But, do they all follow her?
Well, that’s where her second superpower comes in; it’s her Call-to-Action. A call to action is again quite literally a command/instruction from the creator to remind you to follow them/share their videos. It’s a way for creators to ensure that people are not just watching and scrolling on them, they are also doing those extra things to help their creator grow massively. Erika’s call to action involves multiple elements. Her final sentences always go somewhat like this,
P1: “Oh how do you know this hack!?”
P2: “I follow Erika on Instagram, she reads the fine prints so I don’t have to”
Let’s point out elements; the first line produces intrigue, it portrays Erika as someone of value(which she is), the next line carries the CTA, her handle, and her catchphrase. That is an amazing recipe for CTAs. You can also find these CTAs close to you. ‘Acha Laga? Share Karo!’ is a CTA(batao kiska hai?), “I follow my man Finance with Sharan” is another one. There are countless ways CTAs can be done. Another way would be to do it head-on like you should subscribe to this newsletter if you’ve been reading till here.
There is also a second creator I loved interacting with, who I will be revealing and his lessons in tomorrow’s edition of this newsletter. If you do not wanna miss it, come to tomorrow after 10 PM and click on the first link; or you can also save yourself the hassle and subscribe now so that it lands in your email automatically!
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Jay Kapoor

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