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Tata's IPL masterstroke!

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Tata's IPL masterstroke!
By Jay Kapoor • Issue #26 • View online
It’s that time of the year again. The “Vivo Tata IPL” is around the corner. 
But why Tata? They don’t sell any smartphones or hotdogs. Neither are they vocal with a motto like, “Mauka, Mauka!”  
But, what if we say this deal looks perfect? An old, established Indian company backing up the title of India’s biggest sporting event. It does multiple things right, let’s talk about them.
The Vivo title partnership was supposed to be a 5-year deal, but with the pandemic hitting and an anti-China sentiment coming into the picture due to India and China’s Galwan Valley conflict, Vivo and BCCI’s best option was to shift the title sponsorship.
But as someone rightly said, “Asman se gire, khajur main atke.” Vivo is not officially out of the IPL. The IPL title sponsor title can be transferred, not sold. Here, Tata will be paying about 60% of what Vivo had to, and the rest of it will be covered by Vivo. They’ll also have to pay a 5% assignment fee as per BCCI regulations. Even then, the IPL sponsorship does not seem that bad of an expense.
The IPL has proven to be one of the most popular TV programs; maintaining an exorbitant constant live viewership throughout the fourteen seasons despite the pandemic. 
Fun Fact: IPL 13 was the first sports tournament to cross 400 billion viewing minutes on TV. 
IPL’s naming convention is also fascinating; it’s marketing at it’s finest. The IPL is never announced without it’s title sponsor. Everyone from the commentators to the TVCs, in fact even written pieces like this, refer to it along with it’s sponsor. The entire campaign for the IPL refers to the title sponsor at every stage, giving them utmost audience visibility and brand awareness. 
Vivo was among the top three most-noticed brands during IPL 2018; and there was a 44 percent increase in traffic for Dream11 in 2020, which also got them 5.3 million users. This goes on to display the power that the IPL title sponsor holds.
Tata is also looking forward to launching its all-in-one super-app “Tata neu”. It is going to be an integration of all Tata-affiliated products in one place - be it coffee you want to drink or a flight you want to book - Tata is aggressively moving forward to bring its own ecosystem a part of the modern-day pop culture. And what better place to start than IPL itself.
Moreover, Tata is already a household name in India. The group holds 30 companies including Tata Consultancy Services, Tata Motors, and Tata Steel. They’ve bumped up their consumer play significantly as well with recent acquisitions like Big Basket, 1mg, CureFit, and even the return of Air India. 
The IPL is the perfect opportunity to recall Tata’s value in the young Indian mind.
Tata is ready for the IPL. But, are you? What’s your favourite team?
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