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Acha Laga? Share Karo!
STOP making To-Do Lists?
By Jay Kapoor • Issue #36 • View online

⛓Top Tools of the Week🛠
  1. Scientific music to improve focus in 5 minutes 🧠
  2. Mmhmm: mmhmm helps anyone look like a pro—even if you’re new to video 👨🏻‍💻
  3. PixelSnap 2: The fastest tool for measuring anything on your screen 📐
  4. 300+ Marketing Resources: All the free marketing resources and templates you need in one place 📈
  5. Sortd: Effortlessly manage your emails, customers, tasks and team workflow, without ever leaving your inbox 💪🏻
⚙️Productivity Tip🚀
Here is what you need to fix in your To-Do List routine!
We talk A LOT about To-Do lists when it comes to productivity, but did you know that you could do this exercise to increase the effectiveness of your work.
Here is how you go about it:
Step 1: Make the list, say for a week. Remember your To-Do List should not be longer than this.
Step 2: After one week, measure your progress.
Step 3: Use this rubric to evaluate your situation.
If your completed tasks are over 60% of the tasks on the list, you are on the right track. Do small optimisations like working more passively(ie while you’re in a queue or a waiting room). Your goal should be to reach somewhere around the 75% mark.
If your completed tasks are between 30-60%, you are in need of some optimisation(given that you have not set monstrous expectations). Go through how your regular day looks like and where are places where work could be done if you wished. Don’t panic and make an unsustainable time table; you are a human in the end. You can target an improvement of ~10% every week. Repeat this exercise every week till you are above the 60% mark.
If your tasks are <30%, we have to identify a major overarching problem. It’s one of these things:
  1. You are being delusional: Ask yourself if you are setting EXTREMELY high expectations for yourself? This might happen because your goals and actions are not aligned. Why does this happen? Maybe the next point will help.
  2. You are doing the wrong things: To-Do lists are good, but do you even want to do those things? Sometimes we are forced, manipulated, or just left with no choice with things that we want to do.
So, here is how you fix it, align your goals and actions ie get a clear picture in your head of WHAT you want to do and HOW you’re going to achieve it. Then, you have to set low expectations at first. You can’t expect to go from 10-75% in one week, maybe not even 10-20; try for 10-15 in the beginning. Eventually, you will come to the second category and in due time, the third.
How Earth Moves
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30 mental models to add to your thinking toolbox - Ness Labs
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Acha Laga? Share Karo!
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