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😎Paper Clips to Productivity

Acha Laga? Share Karo!
😎Paper Clips to Productivity
By Jay Kapoor • Issue #40 • View online

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⚙️Productivity Tip🚀
Use the Paper Clip Strategy to keep good habits!
Oh great, another productivity tip with a fancy name? I’ve heard this before.
Well, this one’s different because it relates to visual and physical cues. Now, what do I mean by that?
So, this is how it works. Get 2 jars and some paper clips. Fill one of the jars with all the clips. Now, attach these clips with a habit you want to keep.
For ex- if you want to do 100 pushups a day, you can keep 10 clips in the jar(one clip for every set of 10). When you do one set, you can move one clip from the filled jar to the empty one. Subsequently, throughout the day you can keep doing this exercise.
The best part about this tip is that it is a visual cue and it is physically present in front of you. This makes it more accessible and real than productivity trackers and apps.
Start your paper clip strategy today:
Bonus Tip: You can also add multiple coloured clips for different tasks(ex. exercise, writing, work, etc.)
Read the full article by James Clear who inspired this tip here
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Discussed: What If We Became a Type II Civilization? - with Michio Kaku | Episode 10
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Acha Laga? Share Karo!
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