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Acha Laga? Share Karo!
Nail your exams with THIS!
By Jay Kapoor • Issue #38 • View online

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⛓Top Tools of the Week🛠
  1. Topline Resumes: Get more job interview requests by identifying in-demand missing skills and highlighting them on your resume🧑🏻‍💼
  2. Vertikger: The better way to work with your existing tools🔥
  3. EasyJobs: Your one-click solution to job applications. Powered by AI🧑🏾‍💻
  4. ThreadReader: Thread reader helps you to read Twitter threads like an article without distraction💬
  5. ReadLater: A simple bookmarking solution📝
⚙️Productivity Tip🚀
What is the best way to remember things?
It’s exam season and this time, they will not be online :3 so here’s a trick that I used to nail my exams!
It’s simple but can take you really far. The trick is to WRITE instead of reading. So, here are three reasons why you should do it:
  1. Keeps you focussed: Reading is highly susceptible to distractions. No matter how boring, your phone, the TV, and everything around you distract you while studying. Writing makes sure that focus stays on paper.
  2. “Muscle” memory: Yes. I remember one time I had a question in my exam and I got blank after reading it. It carried 7 marks, and I panicked. I was scared even to start writing it, but as soon as I did, I wrote all of it in one go. This was because I had written it multiple times in my notebook and my hand somewhat learned that movement. I don’t know how scientific it is, but it definitely helps!
  3. It is trackable: Now, when you are reading the amount of information you actually captured is kinda ambiguous(maybe you skipped a couple of pages because you zoned out?). Writing helps you track your progress by keeping all of it in a notebook. Also, exams are written so it gives you the much-needed practice and increases your efficiency too.
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How Christopher Nolan Writes and Directs a Movie | The Director's Chair
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Portable Blender
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Acha Laga? Share Karo!
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