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How to invest in the Government?

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How to invest in the Government?
By Jay Kapoor • Issue #33 • View online
Do you want a fixed return of 7-8%? Here’s how you do it!

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⚙️Finance Tip🚀
Do you want a better place to park your savings than FDs? But at the same time don’t want the risk that comes with equity?
Well, I might have something for you!
Yup! You heard it right.
So, one of the ways in which the government gets money is through raising it from it’s people. It takes loans from them and in return issues them bonds, which ensures that they will give them a fixed rate of interest, which is around 7-8% every year.
Government bonds are less risky than other assets like shares since the government guarantees the returns. There are some market dangers, but you can eliminate them by just holding the bonds until they mature.
This looks so much better than FDs right? You are getting past inflation, with virtually the same security!
You can read more about government bonds here.
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