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🌟 Be Creative Like Ed Sheeran

Acha Laga? Share Karo!
🌟 Be Creative Like Ed Sheeran
By Jay Kapoor • Issue #16 • View online

⛓Top Tools of the Week🛠
  1. Odyssey: A learning DAO creating high quality, 100% free web3 education🕸
  2. Magic Sidebar: Powerful enhanced experience for Twitter🧵
  3. Pocket Tube: The best manager to group Youtube subscriptions. Make YouTube folders and sort Youtube channels🎥
  4. Create polls in Whatsapp💬
  5. Visual Biographies: Timelines of amazing lives for visual learners📚
🌟Creativity Tip🧠
Here’s how you can generate MULTIPLE creative ideas WITHOUT pressuring yourself!
Use the creativity faucet.
Creativity faucet is a process that we can explain using the analogy of a water faucet(or a nal, as we call it)
When you initially turn a tap on, you find wastewater coming out of it for a couple of minutes. That wastewater makes way for freshwater to follow.
Think of your creativity like this, you have only one pipe, and the initial wastewater needs to come out before good ideas can flow.
The problem is, we tend to not let that wastewater out. We reject ideas as soon as we find that they might not be worth it. We never open our faucet and let the water flow.
Here’s how you fix this:
Write down every stupid thought that pops into your head at the start of a writing session. Accept these poor notions instead of being self-critical and rejecting them.
After the faulty ideas have been eliminated, strong ideas begin to emerge.
Consider your brain to be a pipeline through which you can enter a creative flow state, and never forget that the pipe needs to be cleared. Allow time in each creative session to drain the wastewater.
This trick has been known to be used by famous artists and creators as well, one of them being Ed Sheeran!
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Inside the mind of MKBHD
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Acha Laga? Share Karo!
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