Ashneer Grover will make you productive🤬





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Acha Laga? Share Karo!
Ashneer Grover will make you productive🤬
By Jay Kapoor • Issue #25 • View online
Your dose of motivation and productivity by the well-known shark🦈

⛓Top Tools of the Week🛠
  1. Cooby: Sort your chats into tabs on WhatsApp. Find the chat thread you want faster, and never miss a message again!💬
  2. State of Email 2022: Read about the trends and innovations in email marketing and get actionable insights from industry experts to help improve your email marketing strategy📧
  3. 2022 App Concierge: You’re 5 questions away from getting some epic app recommendations🔥
  4. BlueSky Timer for Zoom: Make your Zoom meetings more efficient🧑🏾‍💻
  5. Kya kar raha hai tu?: An extension that will not allow you to use social media websites while working🤬
🏦Finance Tip💵(In partnership with upGrad)
Do you know what is the best asset to invest in?
No, it’s not crypto or stocks. It’s actually YOURSELF
Learning to invest in yourself may turn out to be the best investment you’ll ever make. It generates not only future rewards but also an immediate payoff in many cases.
Investing in your personal and professional development will improve your quality of life and help you become more successful, productive, and satisfied.
The amount of time and effort you put into constantly investing in yourself determines the quality of your life now and in the future.
But, how do I invest in myself?
  1. Improve Your Skills: Investing in higher education isn’t always the best method to improve your abilities. Investing in your knowledge and abilities can come in a variety of forms. Furthermore, increasing your level of knowledge and expertise is not restricted to the corporate world and does not have to be formal. There are numerous options for “skill investment.” Reading, Iteration, Experimentation; all of these are ways in which you can invest in your skills without higher education.
  2. Invest in Your Education: Advanced degrees and certifications in relevant fields are all worthwhile expenditures.
upGrad provides a variety of online courses to assist you to break free from your limitations. If you want to advance in your job, this is a good location to start investing in yourself because additional talents will open more doors. Check out their courses here
Set educational goals for yourself and begin doing research.
Putin's Way (full documentary) | FRONTLINE
Putin's Way (full documentary) | FRONTLINE
In this 2015 documentary, FRONTLINE traces Vladimir Putin’s ascent from unemployed spy to the modern-day czar and investigates the accusations of criminality and corruption that have surrounded his reign in Russia. (Aired 2015)
#1791 - Sadhguru - The Joe Rogan Experience | Podcast on Spotify
The fascinating science of pleasure goes way beyond dopamine | Psyche Ideas
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Acha Laga? Share Karo!
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