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By Jay Kapoor

Bringing you the best of what the internet has to offer! Every Friday!

Bringing you the best of what the internet has to offer! Every Friday!

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😭 Should you sell all your stocks?

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Nail your exams with THIS!

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I almost got SCAMMED😰

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STOP making To-Do Lists? Scientific music to improve focus in 5 minutes 🧠Mmhmm: mmhmm helps anyone look like a pro—even if you’re new to video 👨🏻‍💻PixelSnap 2: The fastest tool for measuring anything on your screen 📐300+ Marketing Resources: All the free marketing resources…


What is the value of your time?

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Why you should be wasting time

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How to invest in the Government?

BlackBox: Fastest way to copy text from anywhereGoogle Search Pro: Easier way to Google BetterAmie: The joyful productivity app. Everything you need and nothing that could get in the way.Welder Podcast Template: Free podcast template to plan your podcast.Munc…


Don't show off your Boarding pass!!

We live in a world of password managers, Face ids and biometric authentication. We talk about data privacy and internet education and still flaunt our boarding passes on insta stories.Yeah....a totally safe thing to do!The surface web has turned out to be not…


5000 crore selling water?

"Right To Access To Drinking Water Is A Fundamental Right also It Is The Duty Of State Under Article 21 To Provide It To Citizens," said Delhi High Court. Yet how a packaged drinking water company can produce 15 crore bottles a month, operate 122 plants, 4500…


This Journalist will BLOW your mind

Welcome to the second part of my Dubai adventure! Let’s talk about the second creator that I enjoyed interacting with.Yusuf Omar(@yusufomarsa)Yusuf Omar is a multi-award-winning journalist and the co-founder of Hashtag Our Stories. He is also a TEDx speaker a…


THIS happened in Dubai!🤩

Recently, I went to Dubai for the Nas Summit(telling this as if I haven’t spammed my stories already). I can tell you the experience was surreal, Dubai is such a fantastic city ladidadida, but guess what? Everyone is doing that and I don’t want you to skip my…


Zomato is racing time, but at what cost?

In 1984, a company decided to race against time to drive sales. Today, that company is the largest player in their industry and a formidable food giant. It was Dominos with its 30-minute guaranteed delivery service.30 years later, this race is now competitive…


From Rs. 25 to Billions: The Story of MS Oberoi

A Sikh man, barefoot with 25 rupees in his pocket and a family to feed, in the British Colonial Era. This is not just a rag to riches story, but a rag to the legacy saga. This is the story of Mohan Singh Oberoi, The Father of the Indian Hospitality Industry. …


Tata's IPL masterstroke!

It's that time of the year again. The "Vivo Tata IPL" is around the corner. But why Tata? They don't sell any smartphones or hotdogs. Neither are they vocal with a motto like, "Mauka, Mauka!"  But, what if we say this deal looks perfect? An old, established I…


Ashneer Grover will make you productive🤬

Cooby: Sort your chats into tabs on WhatsApp. Find the chat thread you want faster, and never miss a message again!💬State of Email 2022: Read about the trends and innovations in email marketing and get actionable insights from industry experts to help improve…


Use these lists to be more productive!

Mailet: Mailet provides you with temporary email addresses that expire after one hour.UpDog Influencer Analytics: UpDog sits right on top of TikTok and Instagram and shows you the engagement rate, average views, comments, likes and shares for every account yo…


How to pay ZERO tax💸

Omni: Use Chrome like a pro. Manage tabs, bookmarks, your browser history, perform all sorts of actions, and more with a simple command interface🔥SendFiles: Send files online encrypted in your browser up to 100GB💪🏻Great Landing Page Copy: Think of it as a lit…


How to create MULTIPLE good habits🔥

Bookmarklet: A free browser extension to send any webpage to your email inbox in 5 seconds eg. articles to read later.💪🏻Creator Resource Kit: An ever-growing curated free collection of 1000+ tools and resources for Youtubers, Musicians, Photographers, Videogr…


6500+ Book Recommendations📚

Invideo: Create insanely good social videos in under 10 minsOliv: Never forget to cancel a subscription ever again. Oliv reminds you to cancel your subscriptionFriendly Reminder: Email reminders about the people and events that matterLogoToUse: The internet’s…


The ULTIMATE Productivity Hack🔥

Pika: Turn boring screenshots into beautiful shareable images.QuoteMark: Save interesting text found on the InternetStoic Quotes: Get inspired by the best stoic quotes.Twttr: It streamlines your twitter surfing process by prioritizing user-friendly features.W…